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Currently we are unable to manufacture the 49mm springs for 2017-later HD touring models due to the lack of availability of raw materials.  Therefore we are unfortunately unable to supply them with your system at this time.


The system and front for components can still be installed, see options below.


Option 1.  Install using factory springs - After removing the preload spacer tube, the factory coil spring is short and will work for font air.  We build ours a little shorter, as we prefer to have zero load on the spring when the air is let out of the forks.  But with the factory spring there will be a slight load on the spring when the front end is all of the way down.  In general, this is not an issue.  Depending on the front end weight of the bike, that slight load on the front springs may be enough to not allow the front end to lower as far as possible.  So the front end could have around ¼” of downward travel left even when the air is let out.  This is just important to know if you are setting a very tight gap between your front fender and triple tree or whatever specific component may be directly above your front fender.


Option 2.  Install using factory springs, cutting 1” off the spring - To avoid any load on the factory spring when lowered, cut approximately 1” off the top of each spring and grind smooth before installation.


Option 3.  Send your factory springs to us and we will cut them for you at no charge.  Ship to: DIRTYWORKS - 225 S 65th St, Kansas City KS 66111


Option 4.  Request that new 49mm springs be shipped to you once they are available, current estimate is May 2022.  Please call 913-228-1978 or email and confirm your name and order number, and we can send a pair of new springs as soon as they are available.


If you have any questions about installation with factory springs or cut factory springs, call us at 913-228-1978 or email