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DIRTY AIR El Grande Swingarm Tank Front and rear System 09-21
    DIRTY AIR El Grande Swingarm Tank Front and rear System 09-21
    Purchase DIRTY AIR El Grande Swingarm Tank Front and rear System 09-21
      DIRTY AIR El Grande Swingarm Tank Front and rear System 09-21

    • $1,599.99


    Everything you need for front and rear fast air, using your swingarm for the fast-up air tank.  Swingarm fits 2009 through 2023 HD touring models.  Price does not include $200 core charge.  Send us your swingarm first, or add a $200 core charge for us to send a complete system with swingarm tank, and we can refund you the $200 core charge if you return your swingarm later.  SWINGARM TANK WILL BE SHIPPED WITH FRESH GLOSS BLACK POWDER COATED FINISH.

    Please note, a swingarm tank is the last option for us - we would always prefer to use one of our stainless steel tanks instead of the steel swingarm.  Click here for the El Grande system with stainless steel tank options.

    Steel shocks measure 9.5" collapsed, 13.25" extended (measured bolt-center to bolt-center)

    Aluminum shocks measure 9.5" collapsed, 13.75" extended (measured bolt-center to bolt-center)

    What's the difference between the steel and aluminum shocks?  Steel shocks have a pretty basic design inside and out.  This keeps the price low, and the shocks still ride well and are very reliable.  The aluminum shocks have a more advanced design inside and out - This allows for optimum reliability, as well as the most comfortable ride available and the best performance available.  They have a wider range of comfortable travel, so they're very easy to adjust and most people find that they can ride lower with these shocks.  If you are looking for the best air shocks available for your bike, these aluminum shocks are what you are looking for.

    1 year warranty on all parts

    Please note, with front+rear air, the frame of the bike will sit low enough that the stock kickstand (or even a lowered kickstand) will not allow the bike to lean over far enough to rest securely.  An electric center stand is highy recommended for bikes with front+rear air, click here for MRI Customs Electric Center Stands

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