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DIRTY AIR Suspension systems have become the industry standard for adjustable air suspension on Harley Davidson Touring models, and we have systems for a few other applications as well.  We have multiple options but our specialty is FAST air, which will include one of our custom stainless steel air tanks, filled by our high-pressure air compressors, controlled by our ultra-reliable stainless steel pressure switches.  And all of our systems include our exclusive air shocks, built to be ultra-reliable while offering a very comfortable ride without sacrificing performance.  Whether you are looking for a basic rear system, or a fast-up front and rear system; Whether you are looking for a better ride, easy adjustability for riding solo or 2-up, lowering for more control in the parking lot, raising for clearance over bumps or dips, or just slamming the bike when you park for that custom look; DIRTY AIR has options to fit your needs, your bike and your budget.

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